Have You Got What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur? A Money Magnet

 How To Be  A Money Magnet - Entrepreneur


Look in the mirror and ask yourself have I got what it takes to be an entrepreneur,working when ever and how long you want.Not working for some one else no one telling you what to do.Enjoying life as it should be having the freedom to do what you want.Imagine what it would be like once you finally hit the nail on the head and start making the money you always dreamed of.

But before you go out and start booking exotic holidays and test driving ferrais  ask yourself

can i be a money magnet an entrepreneur ?  Do you have the x factor  to become rich ?

Let me ask you  some questions to see if you have the characteristics.

When you do a task/job or something do you carry on doing it even if it is not showing any success? when you first start a business its one of the most amazing things you can experience, You get really pumped up and you are on a big high for the first few day and even weeks.

But after those first few weeks you no longer feel amazing, you feel like your contantly working  trying to make your busness work and you just dont enjoy it anymore. one of the the most annoying things is , it just doesn't seem to be working... your not seeing any leads,sales,traffick or what ever it is your doing .. its dishearting You just cant get yourself motivated anymore

Question ? if something is not working straight away.. you dont give up and say its just not happening if you do stick with things and give them a chance .. then this is what entrepreneur's do.

Question? when a idea of yours is just not working can you say enough is enough ? when you have spent weeks tinkering and fine tuning your idea that you just want it to work out ...but it doesn't Its costing your business .. making you a loss ,Could you you abandon it ... take it on chin and admit its not working ? even though at the beginning you would of bet your house on it ? If the answer is yes .. then you have characteristic of an Entrepreneur...

Question .. Do you you believe in yourself ? when you start a business venture people around you .. friends and family will doubt you and proberly tell you it wont work , they may even make fun of you saying things like .." that wont make money if it did everyone would be doing it" if you listen to them, then you will be just like them and never become successful.

If you do believe in yourself then you would make a good Entrepreneur..

Do you know the true value of the of the service or product ? newbie entrepreneurs work there socks off for nothing because they dont value what they are offering  worth the price.

at the start they think "I would never pay this amount of money for this product, so i better sell it for a lower prices".

You got to unstand you are not buying this .. so if you are selling them a good service/product which will help them , the you should sell it at the right price .. if your customers think its to overpriced you will find out they will tell you this believe me... 

So the solution , product , service or whatever your providing  you need to value it...

So if if you value the sevice , product or whatever your providing .. the you will make a good entrepreneur.

The main question the big one .. are you good at solving problems ?

When you can solve problems.. you need no boss to solve them for you ... you are the boss
You see your customers are coming to you because they want something solving .. 
So if you can can find away to solve peoples problems  then your going to be a good          Entrepreneur

You Solve A Problem For Someone .. You Can Sell Them Something!

Lets be successful

How To Be A Money Magnet 


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